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Global innovation leader in aerosol coating technologies …

With a sharp focus on efficient and durable aerosol coating solutions we deliver results based on three core values:

  • Performance – professional quality and durability
  • Experience – Easy to use, effective and efficient
  • Environment – Minimize environmental and health impacts by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and eliminating waste.

Starting from developing the world’s first 100% solvent-free, water-based spray paint we are the leaders in the development of water-based spray paint technologies globally

Exceptional user experiences through high performance technology…

Our passion is to create spray paint technologies to honor the craft and demands of our users – today and in the future. We deliver exceptional user experiences with durable, high quality finished surfaces and easy application process.

Technologies for the future of our planet and our health…

 The very core of spray coatings is to preserve, refinish and repair without the need of other equipment. Our spray coating solutions are designed to last, prevent waste and ensure fully recyclable loop. We are in the forefront of water-based spray paint technologies and are determined  to see a future where harmful toxins belong firmly in the past.


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